Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Wine and Cheese Adventure: The Anaheim Packing House

We had a little Wine Adventure in the O.C. Orange County has a lot of cool places for a Wine Adventure. We previously discussed the O.C. Mix and The Camp....which you can check out here.

This last summer one of our Wine Adventures took us to Anaheim.

We had never even heard of the Anaheim Packing District before until one of our Facebook friends has posted about it and we thought it was worth checking out.

 The Anaheim Packing District is a really cool little spot with a bunch of food options and shops.  We would say it has the same general feel of the O.C. Mix and the Camp.

After we wandered the shops we stopped and had a couple of glasses of wine in this stylish little wine getaway.  Among the Restaurants and hangouts sits the BXCR which is a cool little Wine Bar set inside on old Boxcar.   Their chef wasn't there the day we stopped by so we will have to come back to try out the food next time.  

Here is there website

The look and vibe of the place was right up our alley.
Very Urban Industrial

We stopped and ate at a place called the Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar......OMG this is worth a trip to Anaheim all by itself. 
 It is associated with The Cellar Wine Bar in San Clemente and has the best Grilled Cheese sandwiches ever.  We would totally recommend this to any lovers of Cheese.

Outside was an Arts and Crafts Farmer's Market style area and within walking distance is the Anaheim Brewing Company if you want to do some Beer Tasting.  A reason for us to return as if the Grilled Cheese Bar wasn't enough of a reason.

Here is the website for the Anaheim Packing District

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