Thursday, December 26, 2013

I’ve got a Peaceful Easy Feeling about this Wine Adventure.

I’ve got a Peaceful Easy Feeling about this Wine Adventure.

We headed down to the South Coast Winery on a mission back in September 2013. A mission to see Song writer  Jack Tempchin (who wrote several Eagles songs as well as some of Glen Frey’s solo work)  He was there to sign bottles of South Coast's Peaceful Easy Feeling Cabernet.  Being huge Eagles fans and wine fans this trip was a no brainer.  Plus it gave us an excuse to head back to Temecula to visit the South Coast Winery and several other area wineries.

Our first stop was at the Callaway Winery, where we stopped for lunch at their restaurant The Meritage.  We both had a great meal with a view of their vineyard, enjoying a bottle of Callaway Reserve Chardonnay. 

  Definitely a restaurant worth visiting in Temecula .  We wanted to stop by later for a dessert,  since they had on the menu an apple cobbler with brie----maybe that is an excuse to return again soon.

Up next we briefly stopped at the Europa Village to just check it out before stopping at Maurice Carrie winery for some wine tasting.   We tried several good wines including Cody’s Crush which was a pleasant red wine blend that didn’t have the aftertaste or bite that many reds do.   We also liked the white wine blend called Heather’s Mist  which we got a bottle of to bring home with us. We originally wanted to eat here at a place called the Plantation house (which is no more),  because of some legendary baked brie bread that our friends raved about. The restaurant may be gone but the bread was still there.  Unforuntately we were still stuffed from lunch so we can't comment on it other than to tell you it seems to be a pretty popular menu item, and it did look delicious!! 
Up next we made our way to the South Coast Winery

 At the South Coast Winery we met with Jack Tempchin  and got our bottles of Peaceful Easy Feeling Wine signed while snapping a quick photo with the music legend.  

 Then we hung around for some wine tasting while enjoying Jack do an acoustic version of the song his namesake bottle of wine is named after.   This was a pleasant surprise as was a taste of the wine itself.

 One last note: Brad's favorite wine from the days tasting was a dessert wine called "Daybreak" it tasted a lot like melted caramel so needless to say it was a must have for our wine collection.

         Kim's favorite of the day was the South Coast GVR a white wine blend

Tune back in soon as look back at another Wine Adventure from 2013

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