Friday, September 20, 2013

Three Recent Low Budget Wine Finds

A reasonably priced  Chardonnay that we stumbled across at our local Von's.   With a Von's Club  card this wine has been on sale for months for just around $3 a bottle and has replaced Two buck Chuck as one of our cheap every week wines.   It is a pleasant smooth  Chardonnay that is perfect for sitting on the patio in the early evening to beat the summer heat.   I guess we should change our name to the $3 Wine Connoisseur.

At Trader Joe's for around $5.99  there is a nice Chardonnay called Meridian from Napa Valley.  Another smooth buttery and enjoyable Chardonnay with a hint of honeysuckle and vanilla flavor that would go great with goat cheese.  It has become a regular in our wine rotation.

And finally at Trader Joe's is a wine called Three Knights (with a cool a label) for around $6.99.   It is from the Russian River Valley (our favorite wine region).   It is hard to find a Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley that we don't like and this no exception especially at this price.  

Tune in soon for many more Wine adventures.  We have been busy this year enjoying Wine and have a lot of blogging to catch up on including:  A Trip to Malibu,   A return to the Wine Bar at the Rio,   a cool wine bar in Seattle and a tasting event in Costa Mesa and much more.
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