Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wine Adventures with the 2 Dollar Wine Connoisseurs: Wine with Wyland

We planned a little one night trip to Laguna Beach in January to kick off the new year.  We stayed at one of the places we had wanted to stay at for awhile Laguna Casa Del Camino, a cute little hotel with a rooftop bar and the world's smallest rooms.  I'm talking so small that you better be careful sitting on the toilet because you may hit your head on the sink small.  And the rooftop bar with the ocean view----Well I'm sure you could see the ocean if you could get past the 500 people that were standing room only lined up shoulder to shoulder in order to see it.....but I'm getting ahead of myself......First there was wine tasting.

When getting ready to head down to Laguna for the day I was looking online for what we could do while down there.  We stopped for lunch at a beach side restaurant called The Deck which had a great view of the beach and ocean and was playing some great music put you in the beach vacation kind of mood.  The food wasn't bad either. After breakfast we headed inland just a bit to the Laguna Ranch Winery for a little wine tasting.   It was a last minute trip idea  so when we got there we found ourselves for the  second time in a row being the only people in the place without a +Groupon!! Oh well ... 

 They had a wide variety of some good wines for tasting. 5 free tastes with the purchase of any bottle of wine.  We knew wanted to get a couple of bottles anyway featuring some of the cool Wyland themed artwork.

We tasted some good  wines ---the Wyland Chardonnay 2011 and the Laguna Ranch Pinot Grigo 2010  which had a hint of lemon were our 2 favorites.  We also really enjoyed the 07' Wyland Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  While there we found out that they actually had a 2nd location right near PCH where we were staying so we decided to go and check that one out as well. 
Lucky for us that turned out to be a memorable decision.    

Talk about perfect timing!!!   About 3 minutes after we walked into the second location a guy with fish tattoos and a Hawaiian shirt wandered in and asked if anyone had been buying the Wyland wine. Next thing you know he jumped behind the counter and started signing bottles of wine.  Yep it was the +Artist Wyland  himself!! He just happened to be in town for a charity event and stopped by the winery to say Hi. He was very nice conversing with everyone as he signed a few of his most popular bottles of wine. 

So we had to get a couple more bottles of course and more wine tasting as well.   It was quite a lucky bit of timing since he now lives in Hawaii and just happened to stop by.  Wine Tasting with Wyland....who would have thought that when the day started.
So we tasted more wine and talked with some cool people and took home a few more wines for our collection

  Here is the website for the Laugna Ranch Winery.....
Stop by for a visit next time you are in the Laguna Area

Until next time Cheers from Kim & Brad 

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