Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"One of those nights with my Witchy Women"

It was just that kind of night.........
It has been so hot this summer in the house that we have truly embraced the idea of extending our house outdoors.....Sitting out on the patio listening to music and enjoying the fresh air.   Drinking wine by candlelight and turning our backyard into the largest room in the house.....And last Friday was just One of Those nights.....We pulled down the movie screen and hooked up the DVD player and the sound system and enjoyed a backyard concert.

We had an Eagles Concert in our backyard for under $12.
It was an amazing night of good music and an enjoyable wine experience.... Some $2 Potato tacos from a local Taco place and some Charles Shaw....

Backyard movie nights are a great way of having fun at a low cost.  we have been listening to so much good music this summer we figured why not bring the Eagles to the backyard on more than just a CD....So we put in our Eagles Farewell Tour DVD and enjoyed some wine and some amazing music....It was the closest thing to actually being at an Eagles concert.

 On a budget you can create one of those Bachelor/Bachelorette TV dream dates with your loved one in your own backyard.

(Henley drumming away on the Eagles version of his hit The  Boys of Summer)

We plan to have many more concerts in the future....Sting is at the top of our Concert wish list ---since we have found Sting to be quite possibly be THE BEST music for sipping wine by candlelight....

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