Monday, March 26, 2012

A Mad Housewife does not a happy Wine Night make

Sometimes you have to get a wine because of the label.
With a motto like "Housework can't kill, but why take a chance" it was too funny to pass up. Funny labels we have tried in the past have included Fat Bastard and Bitch Wine. The Mad Housewife was all label and no substance. This is a great wine to bring to a White Trash party if the store is out of Boone's Farm or wine  in a box.  

Of course even with our disappointment of the wine a little  goat cheese, blinis, brie cheese and cinnamon crisps on the balcony we were able to salvage our evening. 

After the angry housewife the other wine for the night was Emma Pearl Chardonnay which we didn't like much better.....Despite it's Tiffany Blue label...we felt that Emma was definitely no pearl. It was even said while drinking it "They fool you with the Tiffany blue label, when in all actuality it tastes more like a bottle of swill."

 On their website they talk about Emma Pearl as is if she was a person and I quote "She has impeccable taste and gracious manners.  She always knows the right thing to say without ever implying you don’t. Possessed of breathtaking style, her classically chic handbags elicit ardent admiration.  Ever ready to entertain, she may very well have inspired the phrase “fabulous hostess.” 
In our opinion we think NOT so much, it's like the old saying goes.. You can put lipstick on a pig, But it's still a pig!!  

Even though we did not like the Chardonnay very much and we will probably not be trying it ever again we reccomend you check out their website just for the laughs!! 

As always "Cheers" from Brad & Kim 

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